How to make the right decisions?

What about solving your urgent problems, drive better decisions, and turning today’s problems into tomorrow’s revenue.

Data Science & Business Inteligence

Kagera data science enables people of all skill levels to access, generate, and use smart data to make insightful, informed decisions.

Our solutions are designed so that people who work with data can partner with business teams to collaboratively generate and share insight. Kagera reduces the complexities often encountered in data analytics. We eliminate the need for specialized programming knowledge and democratize the analytics process. As a result, people across the business can leverage the value of insightful analytics.





Connected Products

Our data preparation solutions allow connections between disparate data sources and formats. They transform your data for effective use in decision-making.

A good solution is a result of applying the best tools and using good domain knowledge to address real-life business challenges. Kagera is the only company with the most comprehensive toolset covering ideation, design, engineering, optimization, connection, operation, and analysis. Add to that Kagera’s over two decades cumulative experience of product development experience and you have your ideal partner in your endeavour to build smarter products. We are partners in your digital transformation.

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AI & Digital Transformation

Leverage advanced machine learning, deep learning, digital twins. Understand what is impacting your organization. Use your data to drive decisions.  It’s all about connecting the dots. The more you connect data, the more you learn what’s best for your business. We enable businesses to generate insights from different data points and disparate data. After all, deep learning and machine learning don’t have to be complex to be powerful.



Customization Solutions

We know that our PSOs may not cover everything, which is why our consulting team is available to work alongside your engineering groups to identify inefficiencies in your design processes and suggest tailored modifications to our core products to solve your specific design challenges.

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Some of our clients


Great effort and highly performance during project execution and looking forward to more cooperation with them. 

Mohamed Sammy

Manager of Projects Exxon Mobil Egypt, Petrosafe

We are truly moved by level of innovation Kagera AI and Optimize introduce in our company HSE project.

Eng Ehab Zeki

Technical Department Petrojet, SUEZ Projects, Petrojet

We want long term cooperation with you.


Head of Engineering for Petramina Projects, Indoenergy, Indonesia

Manja and her company Kagera.AI has worked with us on a strategic project of our gigantic field Geisum to perform & deliver machine learning solutions with objective of defining the risk on human, asset, and environment. Her tool of PyRISK has saved 66% of our allotted time and hence the cost to deliver a complete HSE case to EGPC (Egyptian General Petroleum Company). Her work has received an appreciation and high recognition from EGPC as the first study of its kind to be seen in Egypt.
On another front, Manja has helped us to make many financial decisions via the use of PyHAZOP and we almost saved an additional cost perceived from some scenarios. Her application of PyHAZOP and its dynamic features has helped us to nail down all financial decisions to proceed forward.
I do recommend PyHAZOP & PyRISK for all my connections and operating companies who are interested in applying and evaluating machine learning in process safety field.
Mohammed ElHager

Process AGM Manager, Petrogulf Misr

Manja delivered extraordinary work and thinking outside box helped us to see how we can move forward in our projects. 

Benoit Harel

Director, Ifaci

It was great to work on several projects at the same time and to uncover the power of AI from my side and from Manja's side. A pleasure to work. 

Eyal Yaari

CTO, Open Moves

We are very satisfied with work with Optimize GS and Kagera. As we will continue to collaborate in the future.

Mohammed ElHager

Project Manager, Petrogulf Misr

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