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PyRISK™ is expected to save 60% of the work effort through the full utilization of Machine Learning. The outcome is a faster and better decision support and simpler and easier risk communication in all phases of an asset’s life cycle. We estimate that PyRISK™ can reduce the overall cost of safety studies by 40 to up to 60% over the lifetime of an asset, as it is based on dynamic risk estimation and decision making. PyRISK™ unlocks opportunities for machine learning in risk management. It supports customers already using PyRISK™ to perform Dynamic QRA to get even more value from the data at no additional cost. The PyRISK™ approach offers significant cost advantages. Our estimate is that an operator may end up spending 30–40% less on safety studies over the 25 to 30 year lifecycle of a medium to the large-sized asset, while getting much more value out of the data generated in their QRA studies.



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Supply for libraries can take an enormous amount of time, and costs can be big as well. Every new book means more space needed for it. With our recommendation system, we can provide you with optimization of your costs and recommendations on how many books and from which sections you should buy based on your data. 


PyHAZOP™ has the capability to depict the outcomes visually on the risk chart. This visualization tool empowers the users to come up with inescapable conclusions about the risk reduction measures. The best-suited approach we offer in PyHAZOP™ is the ability to quantitatively determine the degree of vulnerability based on dynamic modeling for the nodes (unit operation) in the assessment based on mathematical-based approach. 

Real-time analysis for the unit operation considering the key process variables is of paramount importance to trend and examine the process variables and system behaviors. This rigorous analysis embedded in PyHAZOP™ will nail down any technical and subjective debate during the HAZOP and more importantly, will ensure the productivity during the HAZOP session.

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Manja delivered extraordinary work and thinking outside box helped us to see how we can move forward in our projects. 

Benoit Harel

Director, Ifaci

It was great to work on several projects at the same time and to uncover the power of AI from my side and from Manja's side. A pleasure to work. 

Eyal Yaari

CTO, Open Moves

We are very satisfied with work with Optimize GS and Kagera. As we will continue to collaborate in the future.


Project Manager, Petrogulf Misr



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