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KAGERA AI – Top #15 startups – AIM- Annual Investment Meeting Dubai, UAE

Kagera AI is selected in the top 15 startups worldwide to present our solution PyHAZOP at the prestigious Annual Investment Meeting in Dubai in March 2022. 
Bravo Kageriansi!!!!! Let’s do it Kagerians, as together we are unstoppable. Just keep on walking the Kagerian way!

Thank you Science Technology Park Belgrade in cooperation with Annual Investment Meeting, the leading investment platform in the Middle East and South Africa for recognition.


Kagera AI – Top #20 Western Balkan startups, Vestbee, Swiss EP

We started our negotiation with 14 investors!

Final gathering at MatchIN Investment Forum organized Swiss EP – Swiss Entrepreneurship ProgramStartup Macedonia in Tirana.
We have to thank first of all Blagica Eftimova and Igor Madzov and the rest of the team for their excellent organization and for making our stay wonderful.

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Kagera AI new pre-seed investment AGAIN , Naled, Startech, Lot 1, USD25k

On the first annual competition Startech, Kagera AI was selected as one of 29 startups in category Lot 1 with a pre-seed investment of $25k USD. 



KAGERA AI – Pre-Seed Investment, Program Ranog Razvoja, Fond za Inovacionu Delatnost, EUR80k

Kagera AI is selected among more than 250 applied startups to receive a pre-seed investment of EUR80K to develop an innovative AI Solution- PyHAZOP-Dynamic Technology.


Manja Bogicevic – Grand Prix Award 2021, Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2021, AFA

🏆 GRAND PRIX , Zvezda ženskog preduzetništva dodeljena je mladoj ekonomistkinji , inovatorki i ” self-thought” AI i data science ekspertkinji koja je osnivačica i CEO kompanije Kagera.AI , Manja Bogicevic

“ Standing ovation”za Manju! 👏👏👏👏




Kagera AI Startup Sponsor, Machine learning in Oil & Gas Conference, Houston, TX

We are excited about our CEO, Manja Bogicevic to be speaking at the 7th Annual Machine Learning in Oil & Gas Conference on April 13-14. Join us in Houston or virtually and save 20% with our discount code: SPKR20.


Manja’s topic is Innovation Talk: Digital Artificial Intelligence Safety Transformation in Oil and Gas Industry. We encourage you to come to see how we saved almost 66 % cost using Machine Learning and AI with our clients.
Energy Conference Network



Use of Machine Learning in the Oil & Gas industry Questionnaire

Please take 3 minutes to fill out our questionnaire regarding the use of Machine Learning in the Oil & Gas Industry.

This survey is for academic research purposes and for improving the implementation of machine learning.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation!


Interview with Manja Bogicevic, CEO & Founder, Kagera Ai

She helps businesses to work with data science & AI. Her help aids executives in optimize their performance and minimize their downtime with deep learning and machine learning. Her industry focus is Oil & Gas, Mining, Food & Beverage, Retail. 

She took learning data science by doing as a challenge, and with the help of her mentor, she was able to land a good ground in data science. 

Šta je to što povezuje Data Science, Mašinsko učenje i Veštačku inteligenciju?

Odgovor su podaci. Podaci su proslost u koju gledamo, da bi razumeli sadašnjost i razumeli budućnost. Data Science je zanimanje koje je prvi put uvelo naučni metod u biznis. Ističe se sposobnost da u moru podataka prepoznate pravi problem koji treba rešiti. Sve kreće od brižiljivo postavljenih hipoteza koje se mogu oboriti. Mašinsko učenje i veštacka inteligencija ce nas voziti na posao i potpuno transformisati sve što znamo o našem novcu, indentitetu i sigurnosti.

Open data – what we did and what we learned during the Open Data Week 2019

Open Data Week was held for the second time in Serbia, from April 1 to April 7, 2019, with an almost doubled volume of activities compared to last year. With 17 events and 21 partners – workshops, a hackathon, panels and lectures were focused on a broader group of users of open data, outside of the narrowly interested technological field – for pupils, students, owners of small and medium enterprises, as well as the media.

Centar za Iztraživanje Javnih Politika

Manja Bogićević sarađuje sa Centrom od maja 2019. godine kao analitičarka velikih podatka. Manja je jedna od prvih preduzetnica i data analitičarki na Balkanu. Kao konsultantkinja pomaže menadžerima i preduzetnicima da uklope upravljanje podacima u svoje poslovanje, kao i da povećaju profit kompanije uz primenu mašinskog učenja.

Top Ten Places to Promote your Data Science Skills

In this day and age it is very important to know how to promote yourself. For example, when you want to find some help or some course, you ask Google or your best friends. We people love recommendation when we buy something or hire someone for example.

It is same in business, especially in data science. I think promotion is equally important as your skills. People need to know what you can do. And remember nowadays everything is on the go. If you aren’t online, you don’t exist.

Our Course: Fast Numerical Computing with Python

Get to grips with aspects of numerical computing and understand NumPy, the powerful numerical computing module, using Python!


About This Video 

  • Learn to use NumPy on numerical data and get to grips with its arrays and functions
  • Group and index your data to perform sophisticated data analysis and manipulation
  • Derive numerical results faster and much more easily than with any other tool


Hacks for Getting into Data Science in 6 Months – Part 1: Roadmap

Our blog was read by 25,000 readers and helped more than 500 people to start their Data Science Journey. 

Our Course: Tableau 2019.1 for Data Scientists

Leverage the power of Tableau to generate useful insights from messy data and fix, prepare and present data quickly and easily.


About This Video

  • Create impactful data science and analytics visualizations including Sankey diagrams and presentations
  • Analyze your data with Tableau and challenge yourself by working with new datasets and real-life exercises
  • Cover the latest Tableau 2019.1 features to hone your visualization skills

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