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We don’t have a secret handshake. We don’t have extra sensory perception. But we do look at the world a little differently. Actually, a lot differently. And that’s OK by us. Because we take our work seriously, putting our heart and soul into developing unique, game-changing solutions that solve our customer’s toughest challenges. We are on a path to improve our world, our future, to make a difference.

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We Got Started Because We Want to Make the WORLD A Better Place

At Kagera, we specialize in solving problems ahead of their time. Software, product development, and data combine to make our customer’s products lighter, faster, better, and stronger, so they can be successful. Maybe you’ll help pioneer the next innovation in Oil and Gas or take a call from someone at the UN to help develop their future. Whatever the path, whatever the idea, we are looking for talented individuals who are also specialists; who also believe in solving for the greater good. In fact, we’ve named our uniqueness. We call ourselves Kagerans. We are scientists, engineers, and creative thinkers – the brains behind some of the world’s most revolutionary breakthroughs. Are you ready to become one? Join our team.

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Diversity and inclusion drive innovation. Diverse ideas form diverse views. We believe a critical component of our success has been our company culture, based on our core values of innovation, envisioning the future, communicating honestly and broadly, seeking technology and business firsts, and embracing diversity.

At Kagera, we don’t just talk about diversity, we aggressively work to achieve it. Since we founded Kagera we’ve created an environment where smart people from all walks of life can respectfully exchange ideas and inspiration. A place where “a-ha” moments are born.

Why We are Different from the Pack… the Kagera Experience

Kagera exists to unleash the limitless potential of the creative mind. Our vision is to transform customer decision-making with simulation, data analytics, and high-performance computing. In order to deliver the best to our customers, we need to be happy, healthy and fulfilled.

Kagera offers competitive benefits, flexible work schedules, and career path development. Our entrepreneurial spirit eliminates hierarchy and encourages employees to take risks. We believe an innovation culture is grown organically, through innate freedoms that an organization gives to its employees.

We are explorers. We don’t just help our customers design… we help them discover what’s next. Ready to go?